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About Schneider Busway

LKHPD is the exclusive distributor of Schneider I line II Busway System in Singapore.

  • More than 50 years of experience, with hundreds of thousands of installations in operation throughout the world.
  • Full type test certification (IEC61439) for each and every ampere rating of busway.

Schneider Electric assures you on the product quality in accordance with our global standards irrespective of the Busway products originating from any Schneider factory worldwide. Schneider Electric certifies the product design and quality meet the exact same standards in both Schneider Electric Facilities.

I Line II Schneider Busway


From the transportation to the distribution, Schneider busway is the core of your installation

  1. Transformer/ Switchboard connection
  2. Horizontal distribution, from the substation to the loads in workshop
  3. Vertical distribution, from the substation to the loads of each high rise floor
  4. Lighting application, in park place, supermarket, exhibition center, metro etc.

Bringing quality and safety to life.

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Reliable quality with complete certification

Schneider busway performed full type test for all ratings according to IEC61439:2012 and obtained the KEMA-KEUR/ASTA Diamond certification

I Line II Schneider Certification
IEC 61439-6 I-line-ii busway
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The Schneider busway decentralised distribution concept lets you:

  • design installations without layout details,
  • upgrade without shutting down production,
  • get systems up and running sooner thanks to faster installation,
  • generate savings depending on the number of loads.
Ease Installation Busway - I Line II

A competitive installation

Simplicity, upgradeability, safety and continuity of service and operation.

Savings start with installation

  • With plug-in points, Schneider busbar trunking reduces installation costs.
  • Given the low cost of adding new circuits, savings increase as the number of loads increases, a natural consequence of the growth of your business.
upgradable during operation

Upgradeable during operation

  • In decentralised distribution, evolving operating requirements and costs are integrated right from the start.The addition, relocation or replacement of load equipment can be carried out quickly, without de-energising the supply trunking or shutting down operation,
  • The cost of making such changes is greatly reduced:
    • loads are located close to supply points,
    • plug-in points are always available,
    • plug-in units can be reused or new ones added quickly for load relocation or
      replacement needs.

Reusable in the event of major changes

When making major modifications to your installation, the existing trunking can be easily dismantled and reused

Schneider Busway contains no PVCs

Schneider busway, in total harmony with the environment

With Schneider Busway, no toxic emission in case of fire

The busbar trunking has a low combustible load. Its construction uses very little consumable material and is halogen-free. In the event of a fire, the busbar trunking does not emit any gas or toxic smoke.

The busbar trunking helps prevent the propagation of a fire through partition walls and floors.

Halogen-sensitive applications

  • Public buildings (infrastructures, hospitals, schools, etc.),
  • Buildings with evacuation difficulties (high-rises, ships, etc.) and service-activity buildings,
  • Sensitive processes (production of electronic components, etc.).

Schneider Busway contains no PVCs

When PVCs burn, they produce large amounts of smoke that can be a serious safety hazard.

  • Reduced visibility:
    • risk of panic,
    • complicates rescue work,
  • Smoke toxicity:
    • hydrogen chloride gas (highly toxic),
    • carbon monoxide (danger of asphyxiation)
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Schneider Busway reduces the risk of exposure to electromagnetic fields

According to the WHO (World Health Organisation), exposure to electromagnetic fields can be a health hazard starting at levels as low as 0.2 milli-Teslas and could represent a long-term risk of cancer. Some countries have created standards that stipulate limits.

All electrical conductors generate magnetic fields proportional to the distance between them. The design of Schneider busbar trunking with tightly spaced conductors in a metal enclosure helps to considerably reduce radiated electromagnetic fields. The electromagnetic field characteristics of Schneider busbar trunking are welldefined and measurements show that they are far below potentially dangerous levels.

environment friendly busway

Schneider busway, in total harmony with the environment

Schneider Busway is fully recyclable

  • Schneider Busway busway trunking can be reused. Schneider Busway busway trunking is designed for a long service life and can easily be dismantled, cleaned and reused.
  • All packaging materials can be recycled (cardboard or recyclable polyethylene film).
  • All Schneider Busway products are designed for safe end-of-life recycling. PVC, on the other hand, requires neutralisation of the hydrochloric acid produced using lime and generates dioxins that are extremely toxic

Schneider Busway helps conserve natural resources

The depletion of raw materials (copper, plastics, etc.) is one of our ongoing concerns. For this reason, we have optimised the use of all materials used to make our busbar trunking:

  • Reduction of dangerous or polluting materials.
  • Reduction in the weight of insulating materials.
  • Reduction in the use of plastics for improving fire performance: less energy released during combustion, thereby limiting propagation and facilitating extinction (lower calorific value).
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