EMF Testing Services

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EMF Testing Services

We provide testing, certification and inspection services for conformance to established international standards. We believe in providing independent, accurate and reliable reports and services that can help businesses improve their products and processes. Our services include measurement, simulation and consultation. We also specialise in electro-magnetic field (EMF), electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and shielding solution.

EMF Simulation

  • Calculate EMF Radiation level of Power Lines and Equipment
  • Simulate on drawing Radiation level and distance
  • Identify potential risk from the EMF Radiation
  • Recommend most Cost-Effective Solution
EMF Simulation

Shielding Products & Installation Services

At LKHE(M), we apply the latest worldwide standards that are most relevant to the industries and the environment.


  • Shielding Plate
  • Shielding Tray


  • EMF Calculation & Simulation
  • EMF Risk Assessment
  • EMF Measurement
  • Solution for EMF
  • Shielding Installation


(EMC) Directive 2014/30/EU

(EMC) Directive 2004/108/EC

(EMC) Directive  89/336/CE

General Industrial Emission: Norm EN61000-6-4

  • Specific Industrial Equipment Emission: Norm EN55011 Class A
  • Industrial Environment) Group 1 (Non-Intentional Emission)

General Industrial Immunity: Norm EN61000-6-2

Specific Industrial Equipment Immunity:

  • EN61000-4-2
  • EN61000-4-3
  • EN61000-4-4
  • EN61000-4-5
  • EN61000-4-6
  • EN61000-4-8
  • EN61000-4-11
  • EN61000-4-12
  • EN61000-4-18

IEEE std C95.1, 1999 Edition:

  • IEEE Standard for safety levels with respect to Human Exposure to Radio
  • Frequency Electromagnetic Fields, 3KHz to 300 GHz

Semi F47 Voltage Dip Immunity

International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection

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International Commission on non ionizing radiation protection
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