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Flexible Link

At LKHPD, we provide customised flexible links that

  • Absorbs vibrations caused by operations and movements inside machines
  • Protects against movements and expansions in machines and equipment
Flexible Link - Braided Type
Flexible Link -Braided Flexible Connectors
Flexible Link - Laminated Flexible Connectors
Flexible Link - Braided and Stranded Ropes
Flexible Link - Braided Flexible Connectors & Shunts
Laminated Flexible Link
  • Prevents damages by vibration
  • Thermal expansion & misalignment compensated
  • Realises movements & expansion in equipments
  • Prevents damages due to earthquake


  • Transformer
  • Switchgear
  • Busways
  • Terminal connectors
  • Generators
  • Cable tray


Flexible Link Type

Standard flexible dimensions: L = 300 F = 50 E = 25

While enquiring please specify

  • Type (Braided/Laminated)
  • Material (Copper/Aluminium)
  • Changes if required in dimension (L, F, E)
  • Dimensions (A, B, C, D)
  • Braids/Lamination (Bare/Tinned)
  • Contact areas (Bare/Tinned/Silver plating)
  • Drilling details
  • Aluminium/Copper bimetallic connections (if any)

Besides flexibles can also be fabricated as per your design, size and specifications.

Just send us your questions and we will give you the help you need.


Highly flexible connectors are manufactured by braided tapes with bare, tin or silvercoated copper wires diameter of 0.10/0.20 mm. Standard flexibles are non-insulated but on request, it is possible to deliver the connectors with insulation tubes. Standard lengths are 300 mm and drilling patterns are specified, however, the designs lengths and drilling patterns are changeable to suit your fitment. The contact areas are assembled with solderless pressed bare copper connectors which on request are tin or silver coated.

The advantage of the solderless pressing process is that only material of same analysis and same conductivity is being connected which is not the case where tin or welding is additionally used.

Standard manufactured connectors have a width of 20-300mm. Possible crosssections are 25-6000 sq mm or above.


Flexible connectors are manufactured of Copper or Aluminium strips. They consist of several stacked strips riveted or welded at contact areas having a constant cross-section over the whole length. Busbars and laminated connectors with the same cross-section can be loaded with the same current. Laminated connectors are utilised as flexible expansion connectors in order to connect busbars of switch gears, transformers, generators, etc. Due to their elasticity, thermal expansion of busbars is being compensated. Most of the parts are being used as expansion connectors to prevent damages caused by vibration at switch gear operations.

Another area of applications is inside parts of machinery (e.g. welding machines, transformers) or switch gears as flexible components. These kind of connectors have to realise movement inside machines and switch gears. We have different methods of production, to manufacture suitable connectors for the variable applications.

Hence, we are able to provide connectors in

  • Press-riveted design
  • Fusion-welded or soldered design
  • Press-welded design

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