When it comes to the oldest Presbyterian Church present in Singapore – you will have to know more about the Life Church. Its modernist structure, iconic sweeping visage, 70s built, and enchanting aura makes it even more attractive. The unusual design of the Singapore Life Church stands apart from the surrounding background. The modern-day design blends perfectly well with the contemporary look of the church.

However, it isn’t just the design of the Life Church that is fascinating to everyone that comes across it. Take a look at how the lighting system works to magnify the appeal of the church. The striking contrast that the Singapore Life Church aims to achieve can be finally seen come to life with the incredible lighting system. The church has a perforated sheath of aluminium panels that allows light to permeate. This creates a visual identity.

The whole place seems to be tied together by incredible sleek and bright lighting style that exudes a welcoming and warm aura. The pews in the church are highlighted by a subtle soft light. They lead up to the main stage where a cross enjoys its moment of glory with the overhead lighting that seems to cast a halo and gives a new meaning to the term sanctum sanctorum.

The perfect balance between dazzle and quiet beautification is exemplified in the well-suited marriage of multiple light fixtures that reflect off the pristine white walls. The combination of architectural outer façade and the inner haven-like feel is amplified a thousand-fold with the lighting’s aid.


144 Prinsep St, Singapore 188657
Wat ananda lighting effect

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