The Le Nouvel Ardmore residential space is nestled in the quaint and beautiful neighbourhood of Good Glass Bungalow in Nassim. The surrounding Claymore and Ardmore districts add to this development’s charm because of the unrestricted beatific views. The single tower comprising thirty-three storeys in total houses two apartments on each floor. Le Nouvel Ardmore is the perfect testament to the power of good lighting completely revolutionising a space.

The crowning glory of this building is its conceptualization. The overwhelming greenery creates the landscape of a tropical paradise. It is not easy to make a singular building seem airy and spacious when it has 43 residences. But the unique and one-of-a-kind architectural choices with regard to lighting makes it feel like an expansive universe that anyone would want to step in. The vibrancy is the first thing that catches your eye, and rightly so!

Luminescent fixtures are utilised to transform the space and heighten the architectural design. The lighting ensures that your eye is drawn to the aesthetic elements and accentuate the feeling of residing in a world untamed.
The innovative and experimental outer façade is an adaptable entity that moulds itself around the residents’ lifestyles. The transparent glass in sync with the luxe lights create an ambience of peace and nurturing. The screen divisions and complexly designed grid structures form an eternally changing pattern, which surprises the viewers at each and every turn. The result is a radiant and glowing exterior that speaks volumes about the happiness of its residents.


1A Ardmore Park, Singapore 259945

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