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Your Challenges

As technology becomes more advanced, a new breed of smart buildings is being developed. These smart buildings allow operating systems to deliver the most accurate and useful information for operations improvement while simultaneously enabling staff and other tenants to get the best experiences. There has been a rise in demand for devices that automate, monitor and control buildings. Therefore, people will be ready to embrace new innovations and charges, including those of commercial buildings. It is important to be aware of the forces of work that shape the data systems. Hence, the integrated nature of the network layer of an information systems architecture is mirrored in the skills required of today’s data communications professionals.

Cost Saving

Smart buildings enable owners and operators to better understand occupant needs and behaviours with the goal of enhancing well-being and productivity while simultaneously saving operational costs and increasing building efficiency.


Singapore has come a long way on its journey towards sustainability. The Singapore Green Plan 2030, which was released by five ministries on Feb 10 2021, will help chart the country’s way towards a more sustainable future over the next decade. Under the Green Plan, 80% of new buildings to be Super Low Energy buildings from 2030, and 80% improvement in energy efficiency over 2005 baseline for best-in-class green buildings by 2030. This includes reviewing the existing Green Mark scheme which certifies buildings as being “eco-friendly”, and supporting the development of cost-effective green technologies that promote energy efficiency.

Creating attractive places at night

For many businesses, grabbing your customer’s attention right off the bat is important to drive awareness and better sales. One good way to do this is to make your business building stand out so it is noticeable to potential customers. In urban environments, light promotes public life at night. Impressive facade lighting makes buildings visible in the urban space, it helps the building establish themselves as landmarks in the nocturnal scene of towns and cities.


The Internet of Things (IoT) is advancing a new breed of smart buildings, enabling operational systems that deliver more accurate and useful information for improving operations while providing the best experiences for workers, tenants and visitors. In order to fulfill the stringent requirements of smart commercial buildings, such as enhanced performance, security, safety, and spectrum usage, we need to have a wireless network that is able to provide efficient, high-performance wireless connectivity.

Our Applications

Hospitality Network

A smarter network is one that’s simple, reliable and adaptable

We understand the unique pressures of the hospitality industry. That’s why we build simpler, more reliable and adaptable network solutions that unlock the potential of your network.

Hospitality - Power Distribution and Power Transmission

More than hyper reliable power distribution

The building of the future will be electrical – meaning more cables, more connectors, more systems and subsystems – but also smarter, safer and “green”.

Hospitality Lighting

Light for hotels and restaurants

The first and crucial impression of hotels and restaurants is formed before entering, when the guest sees the hotel from afar as they approach the building. Façade lighting that harmonizes with the hotel architecture and scenic light for the driveway are a pleasant and welcoming gesture inviting the guest to enter the hotel

Simpler, more reliable and adaptable network solutions that unlock the potential of your network.

In today’s smart buildings, the network become more important than ever. As data becomes centralized, the network is the link between users and data. An IP convergence and the growth of IoT are adding more intelligent devices and systems to the networks. With so much depending on it, a reliable building network is essential. But your network isn’t just an IT system, it’s a critical driver of your business’s continuity. Because when your network is down, your business is down.

A resilient, redundant, intelligent physical layer can help prevent and minimize network downtime’s negative impacts.

Our integrated building infrastructure solution delivers maximum network up-time with high bandwidth, PoE – capable cabling, ubiquitous wired and wireless in-building connectivity, and real-time, proactive physical layer monitoring.

Safer Hospitality Power Distribution and Transmission Application

Whatever the rate of construction, a number of trends are clearly emerging among our power distribution and tramission customers, often expressed in new expectations and demands. As a owner, developer, architect, contractor, or system integrator of hospitality buildings, you would like to see:

Power reliability is the backbone of a hospitality facility. Hospitals have a complex infrastructure that requires a constant power supply to maintain daily operations. In the event of a power outage, all systems and equipment may shut down and take up to a minute to connect to an emergency generator. It hurts your business—and your brand. 

  • Energy Efficiency/ Low Voltage Drop
  • Operating Continuity
  • Flexibility To Expand
  • Low Maintenance Frequency
  • Low E.M.F Emission
  • Halogen Free
Power Distribution and Transmission for Hospitality

In decentralized distribution, evolving operating requirements and costs are integrated right from the start.

  • The addition, relocation or replacement of load equipment can be carried out quickly, without de-energizing the supply trunking or shutting down operation,
  • The cost of making such changes is greatly reduced:

□ loads are located close to supply points,

□ plug-in points are always available,

□ plug-in units can be reused or new ones added quickly for load relocation or replacement needs.

Reusable in the event of major changes

When making major modifications to your installation, the existing trunking can be easily dismantled and reused

Decentralised power distribution
Flexibility of Busbar Trunking System
  • Compact design reduces installation cost, reduce frequency, time and cost for maintenance

  • Able to transmit large volumes of electricity across long distances even in very small spaces

  • Saving space

  • Long-lasting: Simplified design and reduced development time of the project

  • Transmit reliable power with low E.M.F emission: Compliant to Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) standards with low Electromagnetic Field emission resulting in minimum interference to the data servers.
  • Our products are halogen-free  with no toxicity emission in case of fire
no toxicity emission in case of fire

Light for hotels and restaurants

Creating a unique and captivating experience for every guest is critically linked to customer loyalty. Likewise, attention to operating expenses and sustainable solutions is important to business profitability. Light determines the underlying ambiance in a space. Whether it’s accentuated or uniform, intimately warm or dynamically cool, it can be creatively used to provide a scenic setting for any hospitality concept, thus allowing you to welcome, guide, and entertain every visitor who walks through the door.

Hospitality Lighting


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