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Data centers are the virtual brains and power backbones of the digital global economy

Inscreasing demand in 2025

With our ever-increasing dependence on data, connectivity, and computing power, Data Centers are inevitable for our connected world. Experts estimated that a huge amount of data, approximately 5 quintillion bytes is being generated daily. Thus, the optimal existence and efficient operation of Data Centers in tackling such humongous amounts of data have great significance.


Data Center would be using 20% of all available electricity in the world


100 Billion devices would be connected

Your Challenges


Operational continuity of the Data Center with nearly zero unexpected downtime is the highest priority.  Preservation of the building’s existing architecture and constraints is also a prerequisite. A trustworthy energy system and related components are a prerequisite for achieving relentless performance standards.


Minimize capital outlay and operating expenses: Our solutions promote quick deployment with minimum manpower. Our product solutions with a compact design that is space-saving, reduces installation costs and maintenance frequency. So you can control costs now and plan for future growth only as needed.

Energy Efficiency

Improvements in ‘Energy Efficiency’ are highly commendable as Data Centers impose a great economic burden on their operators as well as an acute environmental impact to global carbon footprints.


Scalability is indispensable to accommodate next-generation developments. Provision of a sufficient infrastructure to fulfill escalating demands of the IT industry is becoming challenging for Data Center operators. Reliability and infrastructure uptime is an uttermost demand of data-rich companies, while any outage can have an deteriorating impact on business revenue and daily lives.

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Power Distribution & Power Tramission

 Make the most of your energy

Elevated floors and overhead pathways of a building often accommodate and conceal thousands of kilometers of cable and hundreds of meters of Busbar trunking. As a company’s information system is highly significant for business progression, Data Centre’s reliability and security promises cannot be compromised at any cost. Furthermore, an uncomplicated installation with minimum downtime and preservation of the building’s existing architecture and constraints is also a prerequisite.

As a supplier and partner in Data Centre developments, we must guarantee the following achievements:

  • Energy Efficiency/ Low Voltage Drop
  • Operating Continuity
  • Flexibility To Expand
  • Low Maintenance Frequency
  • Low E.M.F Emission
  • Halogen Free

In decentralized distribution, evolving operating requirements and costs are integrated right from the start.

  • The addition, relocation or replacement of load equipment can be carried out quickly, without de-energizing the supply trunking or shutting down operation,
  • The cost of making such changes is greatly reduced:

□ loads are located close to supply points,

□ plug-in points are always available,

□ plug-in units can be reused or new ones added quickly for load relocation or replacement needs.

Reusable in the event of major changes

When making major modifications to your installation, the existing trunking can be easily dismantled and reused

Decentralised power distribution
Flexibility of Busbar Trunking System
  • Compact design reduces installation cost, reduce frequency, time and cost for maintenance

  • Able to transmit large volumes of electricity across long distances even in very small spaces

  • Saving space

  • Long-lasting: Simplified design and reduced development time of the project

  • Transmit reliable power with low E.M.F emission: Compliant to Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) standards with low Electromagnetic Field emission resulting in minimum interference to the data servers.
  • Our products are halogen-free  with no toxicity emission in case of fire
no toxicity emission in case of fire

When working on the electrical installation, the busbar trunking provides immediate readability of the electrical circuit thus allowing the appropriate zone to be quickly identified.

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